Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Reflections on 2015...


The month began with the annual Japanese ladybug invasion - I was vacuuming them daily for about a week as they followed us indoors everytime we came in, one has to admire their persistence!  Otherwise what a wonderful month we had, it was quite warm with no snow until the 21st but even then it only lasted a day before melting. Got in lots of walks in Pinery and a few trips to the beach.  Reminded me of how fortunate we are to live with so much beauty at our doorstep.


And so the year comes to a close. I hope you've enjoyed my monthly collages of photos.  To view some of these individually, and other pictures, full size you can follow me on Flickr: 

It was yet another warm month, with pansies and periwinkle still blooming in the sheltered corners of my garden. Our walks in the woods continued unhindered by snow or cold weather, and the camera got its usual workout. 

This month I started to volunteer a few weekend shifts at the Pinery gift shop - it's a small way to give back to the park we enjoy so much.  

We had a very quiet Christmas, getting together with friends and our wonderful neighbours and driving to Ottawa to spend the holiday with Ross' brother's family.  Did not put up a tree this year as we were going away, but it was so warm Ross did get some outdoor lights up and we enjoyed those. I admit it was nice not having to take stuff down  on New Year's day.  I wasn't really feeling in the spirit of things this year, ( really didn't get into shopping). Being together with friends and family for Christmas dinner really made the holiday for me. 

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