Saturday, 2 March 2013

New 52: Weeks 6 ~ 9

 Week Six:

Visited good friends Gord & Rebecca in Kitchener  and took a day trip to Niagara on the Lake. Had never seen the falls in winter and weas treated to a bonus spectacular double rainbow!

Wandered around and bought a new
lemon dill mustard...
     forget the Grey poupon,
          this is the stuff!!!
 Week Seven:  

Back in Calgary, to close the deal on the condo, pack up and move our stuff to Jess & Todd's basement for storage until the house in Ontario is ready.  Time to try out my new Olympus macro lens, and no better occasion than to take a photo of Jess' gorgeous engament ring - well done new son in law to be!

As you can see I haven't mastered the lens yet...
this is the very first shot, and I already know I'm going to LOVE it.
Thank you Ross for an awesome
Christmas present.

 Week Eight: 

Last Alberta doctor's visit
       HbA1c  6.0
      officially NOT diabetic!
Have lost 13 pound since I failed the
glucose tolerance test in early
     December,  BP 117/77,
             cholesterol good.

Thinking the low carb solution is the way for me.  Will be working on the weight as I need
a margin of safety if I'm going to be around to  enjoy the grandkids that will be coming :~)

 Week Nine:

Back in Ontario, picked up the
building permits (wrote another big
cheque - gulp!), dropped by lot
to check on progress of our basement.

Starting to feel very real!

Love how the driveway is going to be between 2 huge trees - had to move the house back to accomplish that.  Worth it for the unobstructed view out back.