Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Reflections on 2015...


Early in the month added an extra trip to Calgary to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday. Her friends Kari & Jim did a fabulous job hosting an east coast themed party. It was a surprise, so I had a few days to myself while Doris did not know I was in town. Time to visit with my good friend Elizabeth from Okotoks. We had a fun day with a stop at the Leighton Centre Gallery and spent a night at her house catching up on all the news and talking politics with her hubby. After the party Doris was off on a BC tour with her good friends from NB, so MR and I headed off to Waterton Lakes National park for a few days of sister time. Got back home just in time to see Ross off on his east coast golfing trip with 3 of the guys from the March Alabama golf group. They flew into Halifax, rented a van and visited a different golf course each day. He returned on the 18th and I left the next day for a second trip to Calgary that month to be with my sister who had a sudden illness requiring hospitalization. Mom was in NB visiting family and  I stayed until she returned at the end ofthe month. Flew back home on Sept 1st.


The highlight of the month is having both the kids visit at the same time! It was Ryan's first time to see the new place and he brought his girlfriend, Courtney, along. Time flew! Todd did some of his fabulous cooking, they spent time at the beach and checked out the strip in Grand Bend, Bayfield, Rock Glen, our favorite local winery ( Twin Pines), the cemetary in Arkona, had a day trip to Toronto see the science centre and visited with the grandparents here and in London. The week went by way too fast and Hanna sure missed Jessica when they left. She got spoiled with attention the whole week. The other big event was the lunar eclipse which we sat out see with the neighbours but it was cloudy, so not much of a show. Also had a couple of baby hog-nosed snakes show up in the back yard. I think they have a den under some of our big rocks - hope to see them again in the spring.


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