Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Reflections on 2015...


It's my first trip back to Calgary this year, time to meet with the accountant to finalize
year end and see my kids. On the 17th my braces come off after 5 long years, and while 
I will have to wear a retainer for a year - I'm so looking forward to flossing sans wires!
It's the small things in life that matter (grin). MR is teaching a course in Kingston, so I
decide to spend a few days visiting with her. It's also a chance to see my nephew Alex 
and meet his fiancé Brandi. Kingston is a beautiful town with lots of lovely old homes.
I spend a nice afternoon doing a cruise to the thousand islands, and every night my sister 
and I get to have a nice meal and visit after she is done with work.


My garden is looking spectacular this year. It's also wildlife month - we get a couple of baby
skunks hanging around ( we think mom may have died), Hanna alerts us to a mother racoon
and her 4 babies hanging out in the trees in our backyard. A couple of very pretty
garter snakes are hanging around the front ( they seem to enjoy the rocks we put along the 
driveway), and last but not least we finally see the elusive 5 lined skink with his blue tail!
Philip & Jayne stop by for a visit to see the inlaws. They bring their "summer dog" Beau 
along ( Hanna is such a good girl). The photo club does a tour of the Goderich Goal and
I play with macro photography.


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