Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Reflections on 2015...


We visited with Ross' brother Phil & his wife Jayne in Ottawa. The highlight
had to be an afternoon spent at the Canadian War Museum. The sailor suit 
in the collage is very like the one worn by Ross' dad during his years aboard
the Kootenay in the Canadian Navy during WWII.


This month sees me still afflicted with the nasty flu that I picked up last
month.  Ross is off for his annual trip to Dothan, Alabama to golf with his 
buddies. Of course that is exactly when I get a call from  Community Care
asking if Ross' parents are still interested in moving to their first choice of 
nursing home!  That call came in on a Wednesday afternoon and by
the next Monday we were moved - what a time for Ross to be away.
It was, however well worth the effort. Not all nursing homes are
created equal sadly. Miss Mulligan had her first birthday in february, she
is a brat but such a pretty cat she gets away with a lot. This was also the month 
annual return of the tundra swans. There did not seem to be as many this year.
The snow persists and our backyard looks magical, especially when we are
honoured with a visit from the magnificent pileated woodpecker.   

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