Saturday, 21 December 2013

New 52:  The rest of the year….

I was supposed to do this weekly, but you know how life gets in the way, and what happens to good intentions. So picking up where we left off and quite abbreviated… and before I forget,
my incredibly handsome son graduates with
his finance degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Week 34 ~ Jess & Todd visit

Week 35 ~ Jennie
 Jess & Todd have just left for Calgary and Ross' mom has a stroke and is admitted to the Victoria hospital in London. From there she goes to University hospital and then to Parkwood stroke rehab until
she gets a nursing home spot in Nov. Initially it looked pretty bad but she has recovered nicely with her speech remaining as the last big challenge. Still new words are coming every day. Ross and I spend much of this time driving into London and bringing his dad to the hospital to visit.

Week 36 ~ Coprinus Plicatilis ( say that real fast)

Since Dawson died I have been quite obsessed with identifying the mushroom around here. Whenever it rains our yard is literally covered in these delicate and very short lived mushroom. Turns out they are not poisonous.

Week 37 ~ Perennials
Wasn't planning on doing any gardening this year but stopped by the greenhouse
 (mistake) and could not resist these, coneflowers along with some lavender.

Week 38 ~ Puppy socialization with Hanna starts. It's a bit of drive to Varna for 9 am on a Saturday morning but the class is a lot fun and she loves it. Besides who can resist "On Golden Paws".

Week 39 ~ Pinery Hiking 
By now we have hiked all trails, but each time we go we spot something new.
This time it was a Sassafras tree with its mitten leaves.

Week 40 ~ Fall colour, planted a beautiful Japanese maple (hope it survives)

Week 41 ~ Fall Planter

Week 42 ~ More mushrooms
These giant puffballs are all over the neighbours yard - they are supposedly edible
 but I'm not about to take any chances.

Week 43 ~ Pruning  Had to hire someone to trim the tall oak trees at the front. In order to save this tree we moved thehouse back on the lot about 30 feet. This gave us a longer driveway ( more snow to shovel) and necessitated a retaining wall with about 90 tons of stone. Keeping that tree was expensive!

Week 44 ~ Chipmunk Habitat, turns out all that stone is multipurpose!
Week 45 ~ At the Beach
Our Hanna loves the beach!

Week 46 ~ Darwin ( the grand-dog)

Week 47 ~  Nursing home.  Ross' mom gets a spot at the nursing home in Parkhill and likes it much better than the hospital!
Week 48 ~ Winter Birds


The feeders have been busy with a parade of birds including Junco and Titmouse above.
 We also get woodpeckers, nuthatches, chicadees, doves, crows and wild turkey.

Week 49 ~ Christmas tree    

Finally located some Christmas spirit and put up this gorgeous tree ( only $35 at the local greenhouse - it would have cost easily twice that much in Calgary)! Must admit I am rather pleased with it.

Week 50 ~ Red-bellied Woodpecker Returns, put out suet and they will come :~)

Week 51~ A delivery, this lovely Epicurean gift basket arrived today. Thank you Doris!